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Our Services

Care is not ‘one size fits all’ and when you contact us, our focus is, ‘What do you need?’ What our carers can provide ranges from social support and shopping trips to personal care and medication. It could be as little as a couple of visits a week to overnight care or even live-in care.

Hourly care visits

Live in care

Night care

Hourly Care Visits

Our care visits start as early as 07:00 with our carers working until as late as 22:00 to offer the most flexibility for you or a loved one.

We strive to ensure that we deliver the best continuity of carers where possible, as we feel it is very important to get to know the carers that will be coming to your home.

Services include:

For more information about our hourly care services please call 01243 533605 or send us a message.


Live In Care

Live in care may not suit everyone but it may be the best choice for you. Levels of live in care range from Low to High depending on how much assistance you would need from our live in carer.

You may only require companionship and help with meal preparations, or you may need assistance with personal care and mobilising around your home. Any live in package can be tailored to suit each individual’s needs.

Our Service:

For more information about our live in care services please call 01243 533605 or send us a message.

Night Care

Our night carers are there to give you peace of mind that even throughout the night you or your loved ones are being looked after.

Broken sleep can affect your overall health, which could then lead to a necessity for further healthcare assistance.

Services include:

Sleeping nights– the night carer will sleep in the property and expect to get a reasonable nights sleep but is on hand if needed. This option is best suited to you if you do not need regular assistance throughout the night but et uncomfortable and anxious when left alone.

Waking nights – the night carer is on duty for the duration they are there with times flexible to your needs. This may be a good option if the person is getting up needing assistance more than twice per night.

For more information about our night care services please call 01243 533605 or send us a message.